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The 5 Steps to U-Tab (printable tutorial)

Getting started
  • Changing titles and banners
  • Default bases
  • Defining a new base
  • Using previously saved bases with a locked user-defined base
  • Locking and unlocking bases
  • Clearing bases
  • Saving new base definitions
  • Adding a weighting factor
    Creating Variables
  • Deleting variables
  • Merging Codes
  • Creating a new variable containing multiple codes}
  • Creating a new variable containing a single code
  • Creating a Quick Banner
  • Re-netting
  • Logical Operators
  • Charting
  • Exporting tables
  • Printing tables
  • Saving tables
    Formatting and editing text
  • Editing text elements
  • Changing the display and formatting options
  • Saving options (themes)
  • Hiding columns or rows
  • Transposing tables
  • Viewing Verbatims
    Advanced Topics
  • Ranking
  • Significance testing
  • Interpolated Medians
  • Special variables
  •   Cell bases
  •   Added tables
  •   Hole-count tables
  • Scripting

    Short-cut keys

    Future developments
    How to get in touch with us
    How to download the latest version
    Downloading the zip files
    Trouble shooting downloads
    Installing the software