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Saving tables

In most cases, U-Tab is so fast that returning to a previously created table can be done by recreating it from scratch. However, if your sample is very large (50k+), table creation can take several seconds. You can therefore save tables to file for instant recall.

To save a table, use the File drop-down menu command Go | Save table. You will see a new entry in the Go menu that describes your saved table. You can store as many tables as you wish and then view them by clicking on their titles in this menu.

All elements of your table are stored, including column and row spacing and also your last position within the table data.
All of the data and variables for a particular project, together with any variables that you have created, and tables that you have saved, will be stored in a project file. These have .wpj extensions. 
When project files are being used U-Tab creates and up-dates other files that are stored in the same location as the project file. For example the project file is itself a compacted file and during use U-Tab creates an expanded file for active use. Project files cannot, therefore, be run from CD Rom or any other non-writable media.