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Installing the software

1. Always uninstall your previous version of U-Tab before starting a new installation using the Add/remove programs applet in the Control Panel (start menu | Settings | Control panel).

2. Double-click the UT_Setup.exe program on the installation media* using Windows Explorer, 


from the Start menu select Run and use the Browse button to locate the UT_Setup.exe program (on the installation media*). Follow the on screen instructions from there.

*NOTE 1.
If you downloaded the installation file from the Web 'installation media' refers to the folder you downloaded the file to. 
If you have changed your 'themes' and want to keep them, copy the file settings.ini from your U-Tab folder before you uninstall (then copy it back after reinstalling your new version).


The first time you run U-Tab (Start | Programs | U-Tab) you will see an example project. If you wish to load a new project click the Open... option from the File menu.

If the colour scheme does not work well on your computer, use the Go drop-down menu and select View Options. Click on the Themes tab and try out the various themes by using the drop-down list. Once you have found one you like, click on the Save current settings button.

If none are suitable, click on the Format tab and right-click on the coloured areas to change them as you wish.

Clicking on the Save current settings button will save your new settings to the currently selected theme. If you want to give your theme a new name simply type it into the Combo box (on the Themes page) before you click on the Save current settings button.