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Changing the display and formatting options

The Format tab in the Options dialog box contains six coloured areas. Right click on them to alter the element's background colour and left click on them to alter font attributes.

Beneath these 6 fields, on the Format tab, are 6 checkboxes that further alter the screen display:

Grid lines between header labels:
Shows or hides grid lines that separate row and columns.

Shade cells so that 100% = white
When checked, a graduated colour scale is used to highlight large figures, helping you to quickly see differences within the table body.

Expand small tables to screen:
Controls whether tables with few columns and/or rows have their column widths and row heights automatically adjusted so that they fill the screen.

Report view:
When U-Tab is in Report view mode the title, banner, base and weight area borders are invisible until you move your mouse over them. When unchecked these areas are always bordered and the screen background colour is unchangeable.

Large logo:
If you don't want to see the default base indicators and are familiar with the positions of the title, banner and base areas you can make the logo in the top left of the screen larger. Note that your own logo can be added to the U-Tab screen for distribution with your project files. Please contact Weeks Computing Services for details.

Show captions:
Displays or hides the title, banner or base labels.

See also:Hiding columns or rows and Transposing tables