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Short-cut keys

Ctrl+M Create variable with Multi-codes
Ctrl+S Create variable with single code
Ctrl+B Create quick banner
Ctrl+C Copy table to clipboard
Ctrl+G Show Microsoft™ PowerPoint™ graph
Ctrl+T Do quick significance test
Ctrl+Y Yes/no significance test
Ctrl+H Horizontal significance test
Ctrl+I View variable index
Ctrl+E Expand all branches
Ctrl+C Collapse all branches
Ctrl+O View options
Ctrl+V View last table
Ctrl+X Exit
F1 Help contents
F2 Show/hide total column
F3 Show/hide blank columns/rows
F4 Lock/unlock bases
F5 Go to first table
F6 Previous table
F7 Next table
F8 Last table
F9 Calculate tabulations
F10 Select menu
F11 Show chart
F12 Export table to Microsoft™ Excel™

Shift-F2 Show/hide 'min/max' columns
Ctrl-F2 Show/hide all columns except 'min/max'