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Tabulations in U-Tab can be printed, plotted to a graph, displayed in a MS-PowerPoint compatible graph and exported to a formatted MS-Excel spreadsheet.

On the toolbar, click the Show Graph icon. U-Tab will create an MS-PowerPoint graph with your data and display it on the screen. All typical MS-PowerPoint tools are applicable when viewing this graph, including various graph types and settings. Click 'done' when finished. To Print a Graph, select Export to MS-PowerPoint from the File drop down menu. Once the graph has been exported, select Print from the File drop-down menu.

Using the same table, click the Show Chart icon on the toolbar. A number of chart types are available from the Options drop-down menu. Cycle through them to select the most applicable chart type. To Print a Chart, select Print from the MS-PowerPoint Chart drop-down menu.

To print the U-Tab table, select Print table from the File drop-down menu, but be aware that U-Tab attempts to fit the table onto a single page and your printer will need to support the "zoom" function.

See Also: Charting, Exporting tables, Printing tables and Exporting data to MS-Access