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The chart window appears as soon as you create a new table and by default covers the grid area of the U-Tab window. Moving over the left edge of the chart window brings the grid and Variable List back into view. You can also switch from the table grid to the chart by clicking on your task bar.

If you have enough screen area you can resize the chart window so that it appears outside the main U-Tab window.

Charts can be pasted into other applications (e.g. MS-PowerPoint, MS-Word and MS-Excel) by clicking on the copy to clipboard menu item. Use the Paste-special function in other applications to see the various data formats supported.

U-Tab allows you to change the format of the chart, edit text format and colours, to print or copy, the Chart or convert it into a PowerPoint Graph for even more flexibility. 
Changing the format of the chart
By default U-Tab will display a 2-D bar chart, but U-Tab has 12 different formats available. Including line, step and area, in both 2-D and 3-D.
To change the chart format:
  • Select Options|Chart type from the Chart Window tool bar and select the format you want
  • Select Options|Next chart type from the tool bar repeatedly until you find the most appropriate format.
    To swap the legend and category:
  • Select Options|Swap legend and category from the Chart Window tool bar.
    To save the selected format as the default option:
  • Select Options|Save current formats from the Chart Window tool bar.
    Editing the text and colour of the chart
  • Select the element of the chart you wish to amend
  • Right click to reveal a dialogue box
  • Select Change font or Background colour as appropriate, and amend.
    Printing and exporting the chart 
    To print the chart:
  • Select Chart|Print from the Chart Window tool bar. 
    This will immediately send the chart to the PCs default printed
    To copy the chart:
  • Select Chart|Copy to Clipboard from the Chart Window tool bar. 
  • Use the Paste specialů function in other applications to see the various data formats supported
    To convert the chart to a PowerPoint Graph:
  • Select Chart|Create PowerPoint Chart from the Chart Window tool bar.