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Locking and unlocking bases

Quite a handy feature of U-Tab is it's ability to lock and unlock bases. This feature allows the user to keep the base constant while altering the title and banner definitions. Using the Lock bases toolbar button (or the menu item Table | Lock bases) toggles the way that the bases work when you change a table title or banner. 

Bases are unlocked when you open a file, which means that saved bases are used for each table you create. However, as soon as you add a new base or clear a base, U-Tab locks the current bases automatically. You can manually lock or unlock the bases at any time by using the toolbar or menu as above.

When bases are locked, none of the three base areas are changed or cleared by previously saved bases. This means that you can use the current base definitions to view other tables. Once you have unlocked the bases, all subsequent tables will be filtered by their default bases

Note that default bases are always applied to your tables whether bases are locked or not.