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Variables that contain nets can be quickly re-netted by selecting the Re-net existing codes option from the View Codes pop-up menu (accessed by right clicking on an item in the Variable Index list) or from the Variables | Create new variable menu.

The re-netting window contains a structured tree diagram showing which codes are contained within which nets:

1. Drag codes (or branches) from the tree and drop them on the nets you want to move them to.

2. To 'double-code' an item, right-click it and select duplicate from the pop-up menu. You can then move the 'copy' as described above.

3. To delete a code, right-click it and select delete from the pop-up menu.
4. Select Save option from the Codes pop-up menu. The New Variable window will appear with all your generated codes. You may wish to change the title of your new variable before clicking on the Write Variable button.

Your re-netted variable will be saved and added to the end of the Variable Index.

See also: Deleting variables and Creating Variables