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We have attempted to make U-Tab as reliable as we possibly can, however, since the program is often updated with new features there is always a chance of encountering a few bugs. Please let us know if you have any problems and we will fix them as quickly as possible.

How to avoid problems.
  • Always copy or save your files to a folder on your local hard-disk before openning them. i.e. Don't open files from within your e-mail program or from a shared network drive if you can help it.
  • Avoid renaming the project files.
    What do do if things go wrong.

    HELP, I can't open my file!

    U-Tab keeps all it's files for a project in a compressed file ending with the WPJ extension. These are expanded when you open the project and the working files are copied into your "Windows Temporary Folder". If you experience a computer crash while U-Tab is open, these files are left in this folder and can cause problems. To delete them:
  • Click "Open Temporary Folder" from within the "Tools" menu.
  • Delete all files ending in either WCK, WSP, WDT, WTT, or WVB
    If your project still doesn't open correctly click "Open" from the "File" menu, change the file type to "Backup Files" and locate the backup. This is a copy of the original file sent so should work fine. You will however need to re-create any variables that you have been using.