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Changing titles and banners

By moving your mouse towards the left edge of the screen you will activate the Variable Index in which you can scroll through your list of folders and variables; simply drag it up to, then drop it on the Title Area

Alternatively, if you find drag-and-drop difficult, click the Title button at the top of the index or right-click an entry (then click Replace Title).

Folders are indicated by means of a red book iconand variables are indicated by a paper clip icon. The paper clip icon may, depending on the particular illustration, be colour-coded to indicate different types of variable. 

Whiteto indicate a variable that is based to a sub-sample,
yellowto indicate that the variable is based to entire sample, or
redto indicate a special "summary" variable.

Once a folder is open the book icon will open. To collapse a folder, click on the icon again.

If you use the right-click technique, you will find that the Variable Index is still visible (ready for you to select other variables for the banner, bases or weight) and you will need to click calculate (shortcut key F9) on the menu to run the table. Using the drag-drop technique or the buttons instantly runs your new table.

Note that U-Tab can tabulate very large data files and, although it is fast, these can take a noticeable time to compile. For this reason, if you want to use the drag-drop technique but need to change the banner or bases before you compile the table, hold down the Shift Key when you drop the variable. This will keep the Variable Index open for the your next selection.

Changing the banner is done in exactly the same way. Just drag a variable onto the Banner Area (or Click the Banner button or right-click | Replace banner).

Note that projects with a large number of variables may be organised into many folders. The Variable Index will then contain expandable branches that contain sub-set lists. Shortcut key Ctrl+E expands all branches and Ctrl+C collapses all branches.