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Creating a Quick Banner

A quick banner combines two existing variables by joining the data of one variable within another. A typical quick banner might be constructed to analyse responses by age within gender.
Open the quick banner construction dialogue box
  • Click on the Create Variable (Quick banner) construction icon on the tool bar 
    The dialogue box is made up of three areas:

    Variable titles
    This displays the index of all the variables in the project database, including any user-defined variables
    Banner variables (Levels 1 and 2)
    For each of the two variables selected to make up the new banner, this shows the codes of that variable
    New banner
    This shows the result of combining the two variables. It lists all the permutations of the codes of the two variables, as well as showing the default title of the new banner.
    Create the variable
  • From the Variable titles area, select the two variables that you wish to use in the construction of the new banner. The codes of the first variable selected will appear in the left-hand box in the Banner variables area and the codes of the second variable selected will appear in the right hand box.
  • The New banner area will now show the default title of the new banner and the default codes. Codes can be deleted from the banner by selecting them and clicking on the Delete button in the top right hand corner of the New banner area.
  • If you are satisfied with the definition and the title of the new variable, click on the Write code button in the top right hand corner of the screen
    The new code will now be written and added to the project file. The new variable will appear in the variable index at the bottom of the index in a new folder titled User-defined variables.

    Having created the variable you may wish to edit the names of the codes to produce more user-friendly alternatives. This can be done by running a table using the variable and editing the labels by double-clicking on them.

    See also: Deleting variables, Creating Variables, and Editing text elements