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Download U-Tab™ here >>
Version: 4.26.2
Updated: 27 July 2018
Overview >>
An introduction to U-Tab™.
Technical Brief >>
Technical details about the software.
Walk Through Tutorials >>
Some of the more advanced features of U-Tab™.
Shortcut keys >>
A useful list of U-Tab™ shortcuts.
Help pages >>
Detailed information on using U-Tab™.
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U-Tab Shortcut Keys
Table Modes, Hiding Detail, Ranking etc...
KeyFunction Performed
F2HIDE/SHOW the TOTAL column
F3HIDE/SHOW EMPTY rows and columns
DELHide selected row or column
F9RE-CALCULATE Table (restore to original after ranking, hiding, etc.)
Ctrl+RRANK on TOTAL Column
Ctrl+GShow GAIN/LOSS (Shows Rank positions and flags any CHANGE from the PREVIOUS time period)
Ctrl+LShow Leverage (Shows % difference from Total column)
Ctrl+HShow Rate-of-change (Shows % difference from PREVIOUS time period
Ctrl+NShow netted rows ONLY (hide the rest)
(Press F9 (Calculate) to restore table.)
Ctrl+Shift+NShow non-netted rows/cols ONLY (hide the nets)
(Press F9 (Calculate) to restore table.)
Shift+CommaHide rows below selected net 'level' (Select a row at the 'level' you wish to view, then right-click or press Shift+Comma)
(Press F9 (Calculate) to restore table.)
Shift+F9ZOOM out
Ctrl+1Decrease the width of the side label column
Ctrl+2Increase the width of the side label column
Ctrl+3Decrease the width of the banner columns
Ctrl+4Increase the width of the banner columns
Navigating Variables Within the Variable Index
HOMEMove selection to TOP of index
PageUpMove selection (up to) 10 LINES HIGHER
PageDnMove selection (up to) 10 LINES LOWER
ENDMove selection to BOTTOM of index
Ctrl+CCOLLAPSE all SECTIONS in index
Ctrl+EEXPAND all SECTIONS in index
LeftArrowCOLLAPSE selected SECTION
RightArrowEXPAND selected SECTION
UpArrowMove UP one line of the index
DownArrowMove DOWN one line of the index
ENTERReplace TITLE with selected variable (including those in the 'Banners' section)
DoubleClickReplace TITLE (or Banner if variable is in 'Banners' section) with selected variable
Ctrl+FOpens the FIND window to search the index
Navigating Variables Within Table View
Ctrl+IOpen the VARIABLE INDEX (can also be opened by moving mouse pointer to the left of the window)
F5Replace the title with the FIRST VARIABLE in the index
F6Replace the title with the PREVIOUS VARIABLE in the index
F7Replace the title with the NEXT VARIABLE in the index
F8Replace the title with the LAST VARIABLE in the index
Ctrl+F7Replace the title with the NEXT MARKED VARIABLE in the index (after running a scan for differences, zero bases, dubious or missing data)
Ctrl+FOpens the FIND window to search the index
Ctrl+VFlip back to the PREVIOUS table you viewed
Alt+[number key]Replace the banner with the n'th banner.
eg: Alt+1 changes to the 1st banner, Alt+9 changes to the 9th banner, Alt+0 changes to the 10th banner
Shift+Alt+[number key]Replace the banner with the 1n'th banner.
eg: Shift+Alt+1 changes to the 11th banner, Shift+Alt+9 changes to the 19th banner, Shift+Alt+0 changes to the 20th banner
File, Print, Copy, Export & Program Options
F1Open the HELP contents
F10Moves focus to the FILE MENU to allow keyboard navigation
Ctrl+PPRINT Table
Ctrl+CCOPY TABLE to clipboard
Shift+Ctrl+CCOPY SELECTION to clipboard
Ctrl+OOpens the OPTIONS window where you can change various settings of U-Tab
F12EXPORT Table to Excel
Charts, Graphs, etc
Shift+F11Show MS-PowerPoint GRAPH
Ctrl+F11Show MAP
Significance Testing
Ctrl+TQuick SIG TEST (vs. each other)
Labels each column alphabetically from A. Each cell is tested against all the other cells in that row and labelled with the letter corresponding to the column(s) that it is significantly higher than.
Ctrl+QQuick SIG TEST (vs. all others)
Tests each cell against the rest of the sample, then highlights those that are significantly higher or lower in green or red.
If your banner contains sub-groups that split the samples into two groups (e.g. Yes vs No, or Positive vs. Negative), you can test the columns in groups of two.
Each pair of columns is tested against each other and significantly high and low figures are highlighted green or red.
Ctrl+ZSIG TEST Selected column against all others
Select a column then hit Ctrl+Z
Ctrl+HHorizontal SIG TEST mode
Special Filtering
F4BASE to POSITIVE answers
Ctrl+F4BASE to POSITIVE answers (press again to switch off)
Shift+F4BASE to EXISTING DATA only (press again to switch off)
Creating New Variables