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Version: 4.26.2
Updated: 27 July 2018
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U-Tab Technical Brief


U-Tab™ has been developed by Weeks Computing Services LLP to allow MR Agencies and Research Departments to quickly and easily data mine their survey data.

The software is record-based and since it also supports the creation and importation of new variables, the level of detail that can be viewed is effectively limitless. Additionally, multi-level databases allow respondent and occasion/brand-level records to be seamlessly integrated into the same project.

Project size is only limited by operating system capacity. Some of our Tracker Projects now contain over a million respondents and still calculate tables in fractions of a second; some also contain thousands of variables with thousands of individual elements.

System Requirements

The software requires MS-Windows (Windows 95 or later), and has the option of using MS-Office (2000 or later) to facilitate the one-click export of tables and charts.

Most projects can be run quickly and efficiently with fairly basic hardware, but very large projects may require additional RAM (up to 3GB in exceptional circumstances).

No third-party database software is required, although the installer contains the MS-Jet engine to allow optional export to MS-Access databases. Users may also import their own SPSS files if they have the correct (SPSS) library files pre-installed.

A feature has been included which allows users to 'update' the core program via the Internet, but this feature is not essential and U-Tab can be blocked from accessing the Internet without compromising its core functionality.


The software itself is completely free to download and install - no licence keys are required. Weeks Computing charges a one-off fee (on a per-project basis) for the conversion of raw respondent data into a U-Tab™ database. The cost of conversion is heavily dependant on the complexity of the study and quality of the original data files.


We currently use InstallShield to build our installation files, which are hosted on our website. A complete list of contents files can be supplied upon request.

Uninstallation is performed via 'Add or Remove Programs' on the Control Panel.

Documentation and Training

Documentation for use of the program can be obtained from the Resources sidebar on our website.

The software has been designed to be as easy and intuitive to use as possible, but we can offer training or introductory sessions either face-to-face or via live interactive webcasts.

Known Issues and Software Support

There are a few minor problems with exporting charts to MS-Office 2007/2010. These are now fairly rare, but we continue to solve these issues as they come to light.

Please contact Chris Veck regarding any problems or further questions about the software.