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Version: 4.26.2
Updated: 27 July 2018
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U-Tab Overview

Weeks Computing Services LLP offer U-Tab™ as a quick and easy way for you and your clients to post-analyse your projects efficiently and economically.

With your project on U-Tab you can cross-tabulate any of the variables, filter them on multiple bases and apply weighting factors. Flexible significance testing is fully supported.

Extra analysis can be achieved by creating new variables from combinations of existing codes (which are then saved to your data set). In-place editing means you don't need to leave your table to alter text.

U-Tab supports within-net ranking on any column, many 2D and 3D chart formats that can be pasted into other applications, as well as direct links to MS-Excel so that tables you produce in U-Tab are exported with all your formatting options.

We have many years experience in programming Excel and can deliver fully automated report add-ins that are controllable through the U-Tab interface.

Weeks Computing Services LLP believe in team working and value your contributions and ideas. We welcome feedback and know you have changing needs so if you want something new, or want something changed, just give us a call.

To try out U-Tab™, see our download page, or for more information on U-Tab™, please see our Contact page.

If you would like to read Tim Macer's views on U-Tab™, please go to his website at www.macer.com or click the following link to go straight to his review.


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