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Download U-Tab™ here >>
Version: 4.25.5
Updated: 22 March 2017
Overview >>
An introduction to U-Tab™.
Technical Brief >>
Technical details about the software.
Walk Through Tutorials >>
Some of the more advanced features of U-Tab™.
Shortcut keys >>
A useful list of U-Tab™ shortcuts.
Help pages >>
Detailed information on using U-Tab™.
If you need any further information, or want to know the date of the next Webcast Tutorial, please call or email us.
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Create your own U-Tab™ files.

Whether you're from a small or a large research agency, are an end client, or an independent researcher, we are always trying to improve our service for you, and to improve our efficiency.

With this in mind, we're planning to develop some software this year to help you design your own U-Tab™ files. Don't panic - We'll make sure it's just as easy to use as U-Tab™ itself, and it's certainly not going to replace our existing service.

To start with, we're thinking of fitting the software around the data structure from just one or two online data collection agencies that supply clear and comprehensive maps, but we'll build from there once we're up and running.

This is likely be a long term project, so check back here from time to time to see how we're getting on. On the other hand, if you want to know more now, or have any useful suggestions, please email me at